You Can Acquire The Best Shepherds Pie

Conventional nursery food has created a come back in our family lately. I have not bothered creating shepherd’s pie (or cottage pie, since it is also identified) for ages, because the young children just utilised to consume the potato from the top rated and leave the mince. Mince in general has been rejected also. If I use the exact same minced beef to make meatballs or burgers the children devour it, but they hate choosing out all the little bits of vegetables that I hopefully put into it, when I make the shepherd’s pie, in the hope of smuggling several vegetables into their diet. Anyway my son really requested shepherd’s pie the other day, so yesterday I produced it and they gobbled it up, vegetables and all, a number of servings each and every, so I’ve gained one a lot more dish for the normal list.

The quantity of potatoes is dependent upon how many you must feed. It is possible to possess a thin layer of potato topping or if you must stretch the meat to feed a lot of individuals, a actually thick layer of potato, which can be what the young children choose anyway. Peel the potatoes and boil them till soft. Then drain each of the water away and let the steam evaporate, so they dry just a little then mash them with all the butter, milk and salt and pepper until they may be soft, but not also runny, mashed potatoes. Inside a roasting dish or any ovenproof but not also shallow dish, place the cooked meat within a thick layer, then leading together with the mashed potatoes. Smooth them out using a fork, so you will find lines and swirls and peaks of potato that can brown nicely and put the dish into a preheated oven 200C/400F for twenty minutes or until the leading has browned to golden. In the event the meat and potatoes have only just finished cooking and nevertheless hot you can just brown the top rated under the grill. This could all be assembled and kept within the fridge until required also, then it would need to have at the very least thirty minutes to cook through again.

Traditionally shepherd’s pie was produced with minced lamb and cottage pie with minced beef but my family has constantly referred to as both shepherd’s pie. It also utilised to be a dish to work with up leftover cooked meat from a roast, as opposed to starting fresh with raw mince, but we like it like this – comfort food for winter.

This special recipe has taken the best of both worlds, by adding some Eastern ingredients to this Western recipe. By using chillies, oyster sauce and chicken stock, mixed together with the traditional pie sauces, the outcome is really a delicious and moist meat base with just a tad of kick from the chillies. For a lot more or less on the ingredients, its completely up to the person, but I would use the following estimates Cottage pie to suit my tastebud. I have baked this on a lot of occasions and it never ever fails to obtain individuals asking for the recipe.


500g minced meat; 1-1.5kg potatoes; 3-4 tbsp ketchup; 3-4 oyster sauce; 2-3 tbsp worchester sauce; three medium onions; 6 garlic ; 3-4 cups of mixed vegetables (green peas, corn, carrot); 4-6 tbsp milk; 4-6 tbsp buttter; 2 chicken cubes; 4-5 chilli padi (tiny chillies and hotter than the usual ones, if not accessible, normal chillis can still be utilized); sliced button mushrooms ; grated cheese; salt and pepper.

Techniques to make the meat filling :

Saute/fry onions for any even though, add the minced meat, stir till its almost cooked. Add the sauces, chicken cubes, oyster sauce, ketchup. Then add mixed veges, mushrooms, chillis. Salt and pepper. In case you wish, you can eliminate the chillies from the mixture as soon as cooked.

Techniques to make the mash potatoes:

Boil potatoes and mash (without skin needless to say). Add milk and butter; salt and pepper. Make sure they’re well mixed. (I always end up with Cottage pie just a little a lot more milk and butter).

For baking:

Location minced meat mixture inside a baking tin, level it. Spot the mashed potatoes on top rated and level it. Use a fork to create some designs on best, when its brown, makes it look pretty. Then sprinkle Shepherds pie grated cheese on top rated, how much you desire , it’s as much as you. Bake in pre-heated oven at 210C for estimated 30-40minutes, check in as soon as within a while, as long as the top rated is brown, you might be carried out.

Some tips:

I used to mash potatoes by first boiling them with all the skins, then peel them and mash them, which was generally very tough operate. Till I was taught by a chef, who peeled the potatoes prior to boiling and cut them up into cubes, add salt. They cook more quickly and so simple to mash, and does not shortchange the taste. For the westerners, in case you do not wish to make use of chillis, use lots of pepper. For the Asians with fiery tongue, use chilli padis for that kick, far more in case you wish but do not get burned!

Try it!

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